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Healthy Inspiration- Functional Medicine- week 13

Last week I met with a specialist that focuses on functional medicine to help people reach their wellness goals. He comes highly recommended and I have been curious to learn about his process and what he may be able to do for me. As a Certified Nutrition Coach and healthy food blogger, I am well versed on healthy habits and foods but as a 53 year old woman newly in menopause I am ready to seek out support to sleep better and move past a weight plateau.

I went in open minded and left impressed!

He ran some tech savvy tests and determined my baseline for body composition, hydration and energy levels ( of cells). You need to know your starting point in order to see if what you are trying moves you in the right direction.

The same goes for your scale at home, which many hate, but truly it is just a tool to help you know where you are at. The number on the scale does not change how you look. If you don’t like your number on the scale, that can be motivation to make changes in your habits and foods. You don’t have to use it every day but every so often can help.

After discussing how my tolerance for alcohol and caffeine has changed in the last few years along with reviewing what I am currently doing and feeling, he recommended we consider that my Liver Pathways may not be working at optimum levels and we start there with a one week restrictive protocol that includes: starting each day with lemon water, cutting out coffee and alcohol, adding in Brassica Green Tea ( Brassica is an antioxidant made from broccoli and broccoli sprouts and known to remove free radicals), a detox protein powder to mix with water twice a day and recipes for vegetable soups to eat daily at lunch and an easy plan for dinners including 5 oz of fish or chicken ( 3 oz of beef) and a large serving of non starchy vegetables. (Moderate amounts of olive oil ok for cooking along with herbs, seasonings, mustard and red wine vinegar.)

He recommended that I continue taking my magnesium at night before bed and add Glutathione to take in the morning and a Cape Aloe supplement in the evening.

According to Glutathione is an antioxidant produced in cells. It’s comprised largely of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. Its levels decrease as a result of aging, stress, and toxin exposure. Boosting glutathione may provide many health benefits, including reduction of oxidative stress.

I have always enjoyed my cup or two of coffee in the morning and was not sure how I would feel without it, but so far I am enjoying my two cups of Brassica green tea with caffeine. (no headache withdrawals so far)

I am sleeping much better this week. Mostly through the night. ( and when I do wake up I go right back to bed) This is so much better than lying awake watching the clock around the 4 am hour.

I feel great, less bloated and puffy, have lots of energy to work out in the morning and make it through the late afternoon without missing my coffee.

This strict protocol eliminated coffee, alcohol, gluten and dairy.

As someone who loves a self-inflicted challenge ( think dry January) I am curious to see what happens at my follow up visit. (I was told the average amount of visits with this specialist is 3-4 in the beginning and then the amount of follow ups after vary with some needing none and others needing more)

As this is MY Year of Healthy to find out what works for me, I am happy to improve my liver function along the way and sleep better too!

Thank You for coming!

Regards, Paula Gladstone

*DISCLAIMER: While Paula Gladstone is a certified Health Coach from Precision Nutrition, this website does not provide medical or nutritional advice. The blog and related articles have been developed for informational purposes only. The content on this website and blog does not substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, nutritionist, dietitian or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding certain dietary needs or restrictions before proceeding with a new diet or health care regimen.

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