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In Real Life (after the pandemic) and in the kitchen... week 18

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to all the moms in your life!

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am filled with pride and profoundly grateful for my family. We are headed to St. Louis this weekend for my younger son’s college graduation where we will attend In Person! My older son graduated from UT Austin in 2020 with a virtual ceremony and we all logged in from different states. (NY, Texas and Florida) Luckily, my mom and older son are able to join us this. (He completed his second year of Law School this week)

My younger son studied Mechanical Engineering and is starting a position in NY later this summer. I am thrilled to have us all back in the same state where we can all be together with only a short drive or train ride.

As my dad and both of my husband’s parents are no longer with us, we don’t take any of these precious moments together for granted.

For as much as I love celebrating big milestones, it is the daily mundane connections with my family that bring me so much joy.

Our family connects through food and not just as foodies who love to eat. (because we are and we do) We connect as home chefs who all cook and share what we are making.

My love and joy of cooking came later in life, after we redid our kitchen several years ago and my boys were older.

They were very supportive as I became a food blogger and Certified Nutrition Coach. As my account grew so did my abilities in the kitchen. The boys took note and before long they were cooking for themselves (and their friends ) and sharing what they were making.

Food shopping and meal prep are two essential skills that help being able to eat more whole foods and less processed options.

If you cook, there is a better chance your kids will too. Including your kids in the kitchen and using it more yourself will help them build confidence and feel more comfortable as chefs.

Use Your Kitchen and your kids will too! Healthy eating starts at the market. Have whole real, ingredients in stock and it’s easier to remain on track!

As always, Fill Up ON Healthy and have less room for the other stuff!

Regards, Paula Gladstone

*DISCLAIMER: While Paula Gladstone is a certified Health Coach from Precision Nutrition, this website does not provide medical or nutritional advice. The blog and related articles have been developed for informational purposes only. The content on this website and blog does not substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, nutritionist, dietitian or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding certain dietary needs or restrictions before proceeding with a new diet or health care regimen.

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