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My Year of Healthy week 5

Welcome and Thank You for coming!

It is the end of January and I am excited to say that all of the habits I mindfully added in have become easier to follow and are almost second nature to me now. It is true that none of these behaviors were foreign to me. What is new is my daily and weekly consistency with each. As James Clear mentions in his book, Atomic Habits, desired habits usually bring with them more desired habits. They build upon each other.

For example, I wanted to start each week getting my 3 “required” workout days out of the way Monday thru Wednesday so I immediately put on my workout outfit and sneakers on those days. So now getting dressed to workout is as consistent as the workout itself. (I am also continuing these behaviors on more days than "required, which is great but I have not changed my goals) It feels good to accomplish easy goals and that motivates you to keep doing them. Simple and easy is what leads to success because you can be consistent.

I have been reading a lot lately, mostly about health and wellness because that is what interests me. For those that don’t know, you can login to your local library branch online and download free books to your kindle. This is so easy and can save a lot of money. I had to go in person to get a library card and the login information but after that it can all be done at home.If you don’t have a kindle I think you can use the kindle app on your smart phone.

Staying “dry” this January was actually not as challenging as I expected and there were many benefits I enjoyed. Without alcohol I was more aware of what I was eating and the next day I felt better overall. For those that say, “ I could never do that”….

If you want to do something you CAN do it. If you want to change a behavior the first step is to make the actual decision to make the change. I am not saying you have to try "Dry January" or make any changes. I am just saying, if there are any lifestyle changes you would like to implement, you can. Your first step is acknowledging that you want to make the change and that you are ready to make the change. If you don’t want to make the change that is different. It is not that you can’t, it is really that you don’t want to. (be honest with yourself)

I am not removing all alcohol out of my life as some do after going “dry” but I will be more mindful when choosing to drink and know I can enjoy an evening or event being social with or without it. I realized drinking alcohol was a habit and a behavior I associated with social events. I can now choose to include it but I don't have to. Giving something up in a way gets you in control of the behavior. Did I have a month of blissful sleep as a result of going dry? Unfortunately, no. So my search for better slumber continues during My Year of Healthy.

Sleep affects your hormones which affects your hunger levels. This is well documented in many reputable sources. Getting enough sleep helps you feel great during the day and be more in control when eating. Until I achieve optimum sleep, I am enjoying the biohack that Bulletproof coffee is providing me. I am not planning to do it forever but wanted to try it and will continue for the next few weeks. What is biohacking your body? According to, Biohacking is a term used to describe do-it-yourself biology. It involves people making incremental changes to their bodies, diet, and lifestyle to improve their health and well-being. Also known as human enhancement, biohacking ranges from efforts to improve brain function to faster weight loss.Oct 16, 2022

The Bulletproff Coffee,as prescribed by Dave Asprey in his book, The Bulletproof Diet. does seem to give me more energy during the day and I am able to fast longer after drinking it. For those on low carb diets, he also claims you should eat the limited amounts of fruit and starchy foods you do consume in the evening to help you sleep better. I will try this biohack and let you know.

According to several sources online including Flow Fitness in Seattle and Dr Waples who was quoted in Self Magazine, Your body undergoes most of its repair and recovery while you're sleeping, utilizing both protein and carbs as energy sources to repair your muscles. By eating carbs at night, not only are you blocking cortisol production, but you're also providing the necessary resources for your body to build muscle and burn fat.Mar 5, 2020.

I am enjoying My Year of Healthy trying all the different rends I have been reading about. A wellness journey to see what works for me. I am traveling a lot in February so I will keep things simple with real, whole foods and easy meals to order when dining out..

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