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My Year of Healthy week 2

Updated: Jan 23

Welcome and Thank You for coming.

We have been away on vacation this past week in Florida. I am traveling with my husband and two sons, ages 21 and 24. The warmer weather definitely helps when trying to implement healthy habits. During week 1 my focus was on establishing my fitness routine. I am keeping this goal realistic and simple. It includes at least 3 days of strength/resistance training and 4 days of cardio. Power walking outside has been an enjoyable way to do cardio while on vacation. I have been using the Melissa Wood Health App to do beginner pilates.

I tend to immerse myself in anything new I am trying and as a result I learned that the

evolution of Melissa Wood Health and her subscription based digital service is now being studied at Harvard Business School. The course focuses on “How to win in the creator economy”.

Reading a transcript from one of Melissa Wood Tepperberg’s podcast, Move with Heart, was inspirational to me considering Dry January. I decided to start on January 4th. (Better late than never, although my older son said starting late is not really a thing.) The below excerpt resonated with me so I will let you know how it all goes in early February.

"Life With No Alcohol- Season 1, Ep. 9

• In this episode, Melissa opens up about her past relationship with alcohol and shares her journey to realizing that drinking was no longer serving her. She reflects on her decision to not drink for 30 days leading up to the launch of the MWH app in 2019, and how that decision has now become a life without alcohol for over 2 years. A pivotal moment for Melissa happened in her 20s when an honest friend opened up to her about the person that she would become when she was drinking. It was then that she discovered that she wanted to have a different relationship with alcohol”

As this month is all about Healthy Habits…I was very excited to see that even People Magazine was “Redefining Success” and as written in the editor’s letter for the January 9th edition they are not focusing this year on weight or people losing half their size… but more meaningful wins…changed habits… focusing on other milestones is important for your mental health and overall well being”

Healthy Habits I am continuing…

my fitness routine and intermittent fasting.

Healthy Habits I am adding in:

Eating slower

Chewing more

Being mindful and savoring each bite gives your stomach a chance to catch up to your brain. When you eat faster you literally eat more food before you feel full.

For those curious about why to do intermittent fasting…According to Dr Mindy Peltz, author of Fast Like a Girl…

"The fasting lifestyle completely changes you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So in addition to losing weight, you’ll also –

• Eliminate energy-sapping toxins

• Clear your mind of “brain fog”

• Sleep deeper and more peacefully every night

• Protect your body against everyday stressors "

As always, Fill Up On Healthy and have less room for the other stuff but enjoy the other stuff too.


Paula Gladstone

*DISCLAIMER: While Paula Gladstone is a certified Health Coach from Precision Nutrition, this website does not provide medical or nutritional advice. The blog and related articles have been developed for informational purposes only. The content on this website and blog does not substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, nutritionist, dietitian or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding certain dietary needs or restrictions before proceeding with a new diet or health care regimen.

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