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As a Private Client, we will work together virtually one-on-one. Every new Private Client starts with a Welcome Meeting where we focus on where you are now, what you have done in the past and where you want to go. The Welcome Meeting is crucial as a tool for me to get to know you better and is your first step in making a Commitment to Yourself. 

We will have formal scheduled meetings weekly and in addition I will be available through text and email. 

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Currently I am offering the following program options: 


Jump Start Your Health and Wellness

A four week guided experience where we work together to have you add in healthy behaviors and foods that start you on your journey towards your goals.


Wellness Weeks

For those clients who prefer to book a week at at a time. A guided experience where we focus on specific goals for the week and work together to add in healthy behaviors and foods.


Back on Track

For returning Clients.

A one week guided experience to get you back on track when needed, if life gets in the way of your success. Great for after a vacation.